U.S. Nero is a  Limited Liability Corporation, generating post-Apocalyptic surf music. Make U.S. Nero part of your fractured identity.

Mikhail 222

“I met Mikhail in high school. He was a skinny awkward little kid who always looked like he was about to vomit. He was always hitting on me and my friends… if you can even call it that. Sometimes he’d send me ideas for TV shows about abusive fathers. Sitcoms. Anyway, fast forward a few years down the line, and he’s in some band called U.S. Nero, and they’re not especially terrible, but apparently they’re getting really shitty treatment from venue owners, probably owing to Mikhail’s social ineptitude. Anyway, his band didn’t have any kind of decent web presence, and I was trying to build a resume as a graphic designer, so I threw together this website over the course of a few hours. So here it is, the online home of U.S. Nero, brainchild of Mikhail Remembers– who also goes by Sid Viscous and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi…”

Miep von Sydow

Miep and Mikhail


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